About Us

The Story

The idea started from my love for creation, so I began my academic journey in the field of fashion in Cyprus and later in London where I decided to design and make my own clothes.

The evolution of this love was the creation of my own brand of baptism clothes Sophia Mariodi. Where quality fabrics are combined with the dominant element being the timeless pearl. The dream outfit for that special day you desire can become a reality since our brand offers countless options to modify the christening dress or suit!

Sofia Stylianou
CEO/Fashion Designer

The Philosophy

Finding inspiration from any trip that I will do any textile that I will see is the first part of the magical journey of creation. 
I believe that clothing should enhance natural beauty and confidence, rather than drawing unnecessary attention. 
Creating pieces that will impress and give to the little ladies ultimate elegance and to the little men ultimate style is the goal every season.
Putting everything into perspective and starting the process is one of the most important parts of creating a collection.

When it all comes together and you can see my vision come to life is one of the best moments I experience every time.

Our Customers Deserve the Best, and That's Why We Never Compromise on Material Quality

Grab the opportunity and choose from a wide selection of high-quality materials to create your own and personalized clothe!

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